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Building Connections for Energy Storage Advancement

Energy storage stakeholders gathered for the 2nd Annual Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Grand Challenge Summit on Tuesday, September 27 and Wednesday, September 28 at Argonne National Laboratory. Attendees provided the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with ideas on how to facilitate new connections to achieve the Energy Storage Grand Challenge and Long Duration Storage Shot goals. 

Participants heard an overview of major DOE activities, learned how DOE has addressed energy storage needs and barriers, and had an opportunity to provide input on additional activities DOE could undertake in the near to medium term. 

The Energy Storage Grand Challenge Summit was livestreamed to allow for broad participation during an ever-changing COVID-19 landscape.  


Please contact ESGC@hq.doe.gov

Additional Information

Summit Agenda and Speakers
View the agenda and speakers at the Energy Storage Grand Challenge Summit.
National Laboratory Expo
While attending the summit, plan to visit the National Laboratory Expo.
Storage Innovations 2030
At the Summit, DOE will launch Storage Innovation 2030 to develop specific and quantifiable RD&D pathways to achieving the targets identified in the Long Duration Storage Energy Earthshot. Industry representatives are encouraged to register to present.