September 2, 2021

RadSecure 100: How NNSA enhances radiological security across the Nation

RadSecure 100, a new initiative from NNSA’s Office of Radiological Security (ORS), aims to remove radioactive material from facilities where it can and improve security at the remaining facilities. It is focused on 100 metropolitan areas across the Nation

September 1, 2021

United States and Norway move ahead with plan to eliminate all highly enriched uranium in Norway

DOE and Norway’s Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Fisheries today signed a memorandum of understanding to advance a project to eliminate all of Norway’s highly enriched uranium by downblending it to low-enriched uranium – a shared nonproliferation goal.

August 31, 2021

NNSA Administrator highlights strengthening nuclear safeguards and increasing innovation for combating climate change

Administrator Hruby's remarks at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management and the European Safeguards Research and Development Association.

August 30, 2021

NNSA launches RadSecure 100 radiological security initiative in 100 U.S. cities

NNSA launched a major project to enhance U.S. radiological security. The RadSecure 100 Initiative focuses on removing radioactive material from facilities where feasible and improving security at the remaining facilities located in 100 metropolitan areas.