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As part of the Your Place In Space initiative, the Department of Energy (DOE)  invites you to explore their space-inspired K-12 STEM resources. We hope you find helpful materials that equip and empower your students to discover, explore, and create their place in space!

DOE STEM offers students at every level equitable access to the Department of Energy's full array of STEM opportunities and resources. The site provides educators and students insight into all the Department has to offer as well as STEM-related research and development.

Nuclear Frontiers Virtual Field Trip and Educator Guide

Virtual Field Trip Educator Guide: Nuclear Frontiers: Powering Possibility

Inspire students to explore the possibilities of nuclear technology on Earth before planning their own colony on the moon. Along the way, students will meet a variety of stellar special guests who share their out-of-this-world experiences.

Destination Deep Space

Space vehicle on the surface of a dry, barren planet surface like Mars.

This STEM Project Starter will engage students to answer these essential questions, “Why is energy needed in space colonies? How could we power a Martian colony?”

Navigating Nuclear

Navigating Nuclear: Energizing Our World™ was created and developed in partnership with the American Nuclear Society and Discovery Education. This dynamic, standards-aligned program provides the highest standard in nuclear science education and invites students to explore the many applications of nuclear science and its impact on energy, healthcare, food, and the environment through an interactive suite of free, online resources.  Designed to increase understanding of nuclear energy and nuclear technology applications, Navigating Nuclear provides you with the tools to dig deeper into the role of nuclear science in fields like power generation, medicine, space exploration, food preservation, molecular science, and more.

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Nuclear Energy Basics