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This resource section contains a variety of materials to provide a more in-depth look into the Office of Nuclear Energy’s (NE’s) research, development, and demonstration activities, as well as office partners, tools, print products, social media, and terminology.

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Multimedia Resources
Graphic resources, videos, and fact sheets from the Office of Nuclear Energy.
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Advanced Nuclear Match Game
Challenge your memory, concentration and nuclear knowledge with our Advanced Nuclear Match Game.
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STEM Resources
The Harnessed Atom is a new middle school science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum extension that focuses on nuclear science and energy.
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Press Releases

U.S. Department of Energy Awards $3.5 Million to New Gas Reactor Design
Project will examine ways to reduce construction and maintenance costs of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor design.
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International Nuclear Energy Organization Names DOE Official New Chair
IFNEC names U.S. Department of Energy official Suzanne Jaworowski as new Steering Group chairperson.
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U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Collaborate on Advanced Nuclear Technologies
DOE and NRC agree to share technical expertise and computing resources to speed up the deployment of advanced nuclear technologies.
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U.S. Department of Energy Awards $15.2 Million for Advanced Nuclear Technology
Funding supports 3 domestic advanced nuclear technology projects.
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Department of Energy Announces $40 Million in Funding for 29 Projects to Advance H2@Scale
Projects will advance hydrogen storage and infrastructure technologies and identify innovative concepts for hydrogen production and utilization.
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DOE Launches New Demonstration Center for Advanced Nuclear Technologies
New initiative will help test and demonstrate advanced nuclear technologies to accelerate deployment of new nuclear energy systems.
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DOE Announces Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement to Examine Building a Versatile Test Reactor in the U.S.
The Department Of Energy announces an Environmental Impact Statement to examine building a Versatile Test Reactor in the United States.
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Secretary Perry Congratulates Recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
Established in 1996, the PECASE acknowledges the contributions scientists and engineers have made to the advancement of science.
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Rita Baranwal Sworn in as U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy
Rita Baranwal becomes first women to lead the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy.
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Energy Department Invests Nearly $50 Million at National Laboratories and Universities to Advance Nuclear Technology
$49.3 million awarded for 58 projects to fund nuclear energy research, facility access, crosscutting technology development and infrastructure
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6 Things You Should Know About Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
Six things everyone should know about nuclear-powered rocket engines.
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ANALYSIS: FY2020 Spending Bill Points to Nuclear Resurgence
President Donald Trump signs off on the FY2020 spending bill, which includes nearly $1.5 billion for nuclear energy research.
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What's the Lifespan for a Nuclear Reactor? Much Longer Than You Might Think
Nearly 10 years of research is giving U.S. nuclear companies the data and confidence they need to operate up to 80 years.
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3 Key Intangibles of the U.S. Nuclear Industry
Three intangibles of the U.S. nuclear industry countries won't find anywhere else.
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What is a Radioisotope Power System?
Nuclear has powered space exploration for decades. Learn radioisotope power systems' role in the most successful space missions in U.S. history.
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New DOE and NRC Agreement Will Lead to Faster Deployment and Licensing of U.S. Nuclear Technologies
Dr. Rita Baranwal explains why a recent agreement between DOE and the NRC will lead to faster deployment of U.S. nuclear technologies.
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5 Problems You Didn’t Know Nuclear Could Solve
Nuclear is tackling a multitude of issues impacting the world. Here are 5 problems you didn't know nuclear could solve.
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Nuclear Power Pack: 3 Can’t Miss STEM Resources on Nuclear Energy
From interactive games to excellent lessons plans, here are 3 engaging STEM resources that will power up inquisitive minds with nuclear energy facts.
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Commercial Testing Underway on Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels
Commercial testing is underway on a pair of advanced nuclear fuels developed by Westinghouse.
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11 Reasons Why DOE is All in on New Nuclear
11 accomplishments by DOE supporting the development of advanced reactors in the United States.
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Infographic: Supporting Advanced Nuclear 2017-2019
Breakdown of funding, companies and states supported by the Office of Nuclear Energy in support of advanced nuclear from 2017-2019.
Infographic: How Does Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Work?
Infographic on the basics of nuclear thermal propulsion.
Infographic: World Reactors Under Construction (2019)
Number of reactors under construction around the world in 2019.
VIDEO: What's the Lifespan for a Nuclear Reactor?
Learn how a nuclear reactor can produce power for more than 40 years.