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This resource section contains a variety of materials to provide a more in-depth look into the Office of Nuclear Energy’s (NE’s) research, development, and demonstration activities, as well as office partners, tools, print products, social media, and terminology.

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Multimedia Resources
Graphic resources, videos, and fact sheets from the Office of Nuclear Energy.
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STEM Resources
The Harnessed Atom is a new middle school science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum extension that focuses on nuclear science and energy.
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Press Releases

DOE Announces $100 Million in Small Business Innovation and Technology Funding
Eligible small businesses that have previously received Phase I grants will be able to complete for Phase II grants with a duration of up to 2 years.
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$5 Million in Scholarships Awarded to Future Nuclear Scientists and Engineers
Awards include 45 scholarships and 33 fellowships for students at U.S. colleges and universities.
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Secretary Perry Launches Versatile Test Reactor Project to Modernize Nuclear Research and Development Infrastructure
This fast neutron testing capability will help the United States meet its goal for advanced nuclear reactor technology development.
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DOE Awards $111 Million to U.S. Vendors to Develop Accident Tolerant Nuclear Fuels
New fuels being developed are expected to enhance the safety and performance of nuclear fuel.
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National lab to make new fuel to support advanced reactors
Federal government to fabricate high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU) fuel at Idaho National Laboratory using its HALEU feedstock.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory automates key process in plutonium-238 production
Oak Ridge National Laboratory automates part of the process of producing plutonium-238, which is used by NASA to fuel deep space missions.
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DOE Office of Nuclear Energy Announces Agreement Supporting Power Generated from Small Modular Reactors
Agreement with UAMPS and Batelle will use small modular reactors to meet research and power needs at Idaho National Laboratory.
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Department of Energy Issues Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Funding Opportunity Announcement
Approximately $37 million in new research and development grants available for small businesses.
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DOE Office of Nuclear Energy Leader Named Vice Chairperson of International Nuclear Energy Organization
Senior Advisor Suzanne Jaworowski has been selected as a new Steering Group vice chairperson of IFNEC.
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DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy Leads NICE Future Event at COP 24
DOE applauds discussion about nuclear energy at COP24 event.
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DOE: There's a definite need for a fast test reactor
Having a fast test reactor will drastically speed up the time it takes to test, develop and qualify advanced reactor technologies.
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Millennial to Watch: Mareena Robinson Snowden
Mareena Robinson Snowden is the first black woman to earn a doctorate in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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5 Questions for Director-General William Magwood
Hear from the former DOE director of nuclear energy about his professional journey from Pittsburgh to Paris.
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Millennial to Watch: Ciara Sivels
Ciara Sivels is the first black woman to earn a PhD from the University of Michigan in nuclear engineering.
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Swipe right for nuclear: 6 Eligible advanced technologies
6 eligible advanced nuclear technologies searching for some love in the future marketplace.
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NUCLEAR 101: How does a nuclear reactor work?
Learn how boiling and pressurized light-water reactors work.
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5 Nuclear storylines to watch for in 2019
5 nuclear storylines to keep an eye on in 2019.
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Top 7 nuclear Facebook posts of 2018
Relive the best nuclear Facebook posts of 2018.
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New Horizons spacecraft closes in on historic New Year’s Day flyby
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is expected to reach Ultima Thule by New Year's Day.
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Here's how to make nuclear fuel fail
The SATS facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory helps researchers understand why nuclear fuels fail under severe conditions.
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Nuclear Power Summary - February 2019
Nuclear Power Summary - February 2019
Infographic: Swipe Right for Nuclear
6 advanced reactor technology profiles
Infographic: How does a pressurized water reactor work?
Infographic on how a pressurized water reactor produces clean energy.
Video: Heather Matteson - #SeeYourselfInNuclear
Learn more about Heather Matteson's story as she uses her passions for nuclear engineering and environmentalism to promote nuclear energy.