2018 (2nd Round)

The following projects were selected under the Funding Opportunity Announcement titled "U.S. Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development" (DE-FOA-0001817) - 2nd round of calendar year 2018 (application due date of April 30, 2018) 

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Tier I: First of a Kind (FOAK) Nuclear Demonstration Readiness Projects

NuScale Power, LLC Logo

NuScale Power, LLC
Corvallis, OR         

NuScale Small Modular Reactor First-Of-A-Kind Nuclear Demonstration Readiness Project (Phase 2) 

Builds on Phase 1 activities to advance the licensing and design maturity of a small modular reactor.

NuScale Power's Phase 2 Abstract

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Tier II: Advanced Reactor Development Projects

Columbia Basin Consulting Group, LLC Logo

Columbia Basin Consulting Group, LLC
Kennewick, WA       

Conceptual Engineering for a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) power plant based on Lead-Bismuth Fast Reactor (LBFR) Technology 

Aims to develop a pre-conceptual design and preliminary cost estimate for a Lead-Bismuth Small Modular Reactor.

Columbia Basin Consulting Group's Abstract

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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, LLC Logo

GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, LLC
Wilmington, NC         

Reactor Plant Cost Reduction to Compete with Natural Gas Fired Electrical Generation 

Examines ways to reduce reactor plant construction and maintenance costs through (a) elimination of Loss of Coolant Accidents (LOCAs), (b) the use of an embedded (below grade) design and construction and (c) the use of pooled off-site resources that can be applied simultaneously at multiple sites.

GE-Hitachi's Abstract

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Electric Power Research Institute, Inc Logo

Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

Experimental Verification of Post-Accident Integrated Pressurized Water Reactor (iPWR) Aerosol Behavior, Phase 3 

Further improves the models used to estimate the post-accident radionuclide concentration levels for integrated pressurized water reactors.

Electric Power Research Institute's Abstract

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Flibe Energy, Inc Logo

Flibe Energy, Inc.
Madison, AL

Fluorination of Lithium Fluoride-Beryllium Fluoride (Flibe) Molten Salt Processing 

Builds on Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's research to examine nitrogen trifluoride as an agent to remove uranium from a molten-salt fuel mixture prior to reductive extraction of fission products, as well as extends this work to the fluorination of lithium fluoride-beryllium fluoride salt mixtures containing uranium tetrafluoride.

Flibe Energy's Abstract

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Holtec International Logo

Holtec International
Camden, NJ

Advancing and Commercializing Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) for Nuclear Vessel Fabrication, Including Small Modular Reactors 

Advances Hybrid Laser Arc Welding for use in fabrication of Small Modular Reactors and dry storage canisters for spent nuclear fuel.

Holtec International's Abstract

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Tier III: Regulatory Assistance Grants

Pittsburgh Technical, LLC Logo

Pittsburgh Technical, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA   

Regulatory Support for Advanced Light Water Reactor Deployment: Advanced Boiling Water Reactor Source Term Reduction

Develops a technical basis to potentially reduce source terms associated with Level II and Level III probabilistic risk assessments for advanced boiling water reactors.

Pittsburgh Technical's Abstract


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