Photo of Glen Wattman, Director, Office of Aviation Management
Glen Wattman, Director, Office of Aviation Management

A native of New York, Glen Wattman has served as a civilian Airline Pilot for more than thirteen years flying Boeing 757, 767 and 727 transport category aircraft. He has extensive experience operating flights domestically and throughout Central and South America and Europe. Mr. Wattman is currently a Major in the United States Air Force Reserve and serves as a subject matter expert as a liaison to the Florida Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Mr. Wattman has expertise in all aspects of the CAP mission to include Disaster Relief, Search and Rescue, Civil Defense, Homeland Security, Drug Interdiction, and Aerospace Education. Prior to becoming an Airline Pilot, Mr. Wattman served as an Air Force Officer, Detachment Commander, Fighter Pilot, and Bomber Navigator in the active branch of the U.S. Air Force. His military experience includes extensive war-fighting and joint and combined operational-level planning in theaters throughout the world. He has over 200 combat hours in the A/OA10-A Thunderbolt II close air support fighter aircraft. Mr. Wattman is a highly accomplished aviator with over 9,000 hours accident/incident free flying hours.

Mr. Wattman holds a Master of Business Administration from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management Flight Technology, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Air Commerce Transportation Technology, both earned during undergraduate studies at Florida Institute of Technology. Mr. Wattman is a graduate of numerous military education programs, including:


  • Air Command and Staff College
  • Squadron Officer School
  • Air/Ground Operations School
  • Undergraduate Pilot Training
  • Undergraduate Navigator Training
  • Advanced Navigation School
  • Fighter Lead-in School
  • A-10 Primary Flight Training
  • Advanced Survival Schools (mountain & jungle)
  • Water Survival School