The Visual Media Department consists of a team of graphic artists, photographers and visual librarians working together to provide a wide variety of visual media for the Department of Energy.

Graphics Offices
Forrestal: Room GE-140, (202) 586-2732
Germantown: Room E-065, (301) 903-5165
Send email to:

If you have need of our services and you are located at either of the Forrestal Building or Germantown complexes, submit a completed Request for Print, Mail and Visual Media Services HQ F 1420.7 (available through this link). Please follow the instructions provided, print and sign the form, then deliver it to us. The form MUST be signed by a Federal employee of DOE before the project can be started. The signature is our authorization to spend budgeted funds necessary to satisfy your requirement. Additionally, it is the requestor’s certification that the work requested is necessary to conduct official DOE business and that the requestor is a Federal (not a contractor) employee of DOE.

You may also send the completed form to us by email at Because of the authorization and certification issues already mentioned it will still be necessary to visit our office to sign the work request.

COVID-19 Signage Services

The Office of Management is now offering COVID-19 related signage for DOE offices. The booklet, Office of Management HQ COVID-19 Signage Catalog shows the numerous designs available to assist office personnel as they transition back into the workplace environment and are looking for ways to provide employees with social distancing guidance. Most signs are available in both 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 sizes to provide visual display options.

The signage catalog and order form can be obtained here but are only available to employees accessing through the DOE network (DOE Powerpedia).

If other sizes or signage services are required, please contact the Graphics Office at 202-586-2732 or email:

Copy Center COVID-19 Signage Printing

The Staffed Copy Centers can print your signs on 100 lb cardstock, a durable, thick paper. Lamination is also available if needed. There is no charge for the first five (5) prints, additional prints will be $0.40 per page. Copy services office locations:

Files of Signs

Files of the signs are available to be downloaded and printed by any office.  The files can be obtained here but are only available to employees accessing through the DOE network (DOE Powerpedia).

The listing of office signage available includes:

  • Face covering
  • Social distancing
  • Access
  • Directional
  • Occupancy
  • Seating
  • Other signage

Certificates, Plaques and Special Awards
We can supply you with certificates that cover all the official Departments' awards.  Whether it is for an employee with many years of service, a retirement, or a job well done, nothing looks better than a well designed, personalized certificate or plaque.  We can have your plaque designed and personalized for any event. Just give us a day and we can work wonders using our in-house products and services. We can turn around most in-house projects in 24 hours. Any award plaque requiring production by one of our vendors has a minimum 5 business day turnaround, any project with less than a 5 day turnaround will be accessed a rush fee by the vendor.

We also provide design consultation for special awards and mementos.

Design Presentations
Are you tired of fill-in-the-blank PowerPoint presentations? Then let our creative and talented staff design your next presentation.  Just give us your rough ideas and let us work our magic. With today's fast computers and drawing programs there is no limit to what we can do.

High resolution scanners let us add your photos or visit media library and choose from its vast variety of images. Photoshop software enables us to enhance or modify photos to fulfill any need. Color printers provide us with a limitless color pallet. Our font libraries include hundreds of fonts. Output devices allow us to print to a variety media types.

Enhance and Print Your Files
If you have a file that you have created yourself or had prepared somewhere else we can provide you with high quality output on a variety of media.  We are able to support most major software programs. If we do not have a particular program, we can guide you through the process of creating a Postscript file or PDF file.  If your project needs to be enhanced and is high resolution (300 dpi) one of our staff members will be happy to supply the finishing touches.  Some processes take longer than others, we will do our very best to meet your deadline.

Graphics has a highly qualified staff ready to provide you with all the support needed to produce attention grabbing exhibits. Drawing on years of training and experience our team can custom design your exhibit for fabrication in-house using our state-of-the art printing, laminating and mounting process.

We also offer our in-house design expertise to create exhibits that require production by outside vendors.  This reduces the overall cost, and allows you to have continuous input in the process and access to the files for any future changes.

From a small table top exhibit to a large display, we have the talent, equipment and desire to get the job done.

Posters and Banners
We are a one-stop shop with all the equipment necessary to design and produce any poster you may need.  We provide printing, laminating, mounting and framing to give your poster that polished look only a professional graphics staff can provide.

We have high resolution color large format printers using water resistance pigment ink. We use roll paper in varies sizes and textures giving us the capability to print sizes up to  58 inches width on matte, photo glossy, Scrim or polyvinyl paper/printing products.

To finish your printed poster design we offer lamination up to 36 inches, and mounting up to 60 inches in width.  Please contact us for on our varied size capabilities.

We also offer in-house framing up to 30 x 40 inches with a choice of Gold, Silver or Black frames.

Brochures, Pamphlets and Handouts
We provide consulting and design expertise to help promote and identify your office and services. We will assist you in your design needs from conception to printing.

Use this link to access the Contact Us page for the Graphics office.

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