The DOE seal and logo are official graphical identifiers of the U.S. Department of Energy and are meant for official use only.  They are to be used on official Departmental publications and communications to identify the source of the information, and to properly represent that the U.S. Department of Energy endorses the information.  They should not be used on unofficial communications that do not reach the level of an official statement by the Department.  The DOE word mark is also a graphical identifier of the Department, and is meant for use by exception where the seal or logo sizing and/or readability requirements cannot be met.

Externally (non-DOE), the official identifiers could be used to recognize funding, support, or other formal involvement of the Department if: there is an official relationship between the Department and the external initiative, event, or information; the usage has proper qualifying language, and context, to explain its presence on non-DOE materials, and is properly separated from other material not related to the DOE information; the DOE office whose involvement is being recognized approves of this method of recognition; and it is reviewed and explicitly approved by an appropriate organizational representative of the Department.  An official DOE graphical identifier cannot be used in a manner that has an implied or explicit endorsement of any private company, service, product or activities.  There is a Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) regarding the DOE graphical identifier at:

Description of the DOE Seal Elements
The DOE seal is composed of a shield bisected by a lightning bolt on which is emblazoned a sun, atom, oil derrick, windmill, and dynamo, which are crested by the head of an eagle atop a rope.  The sun, atom, oil derrick, windmill, and dynamo serve as representative technologies whose enhanced development can meet the Nation’s increasing demand for energy; the lightning bolt represents the power of the natural forces from which energy is derived; the eagle represents the care in planning and the purposefulness of efforts required to respond to the Nation's needs; and the rope represents the cohesiveness in the development of the technologies and their link to our future capabilities.

The color scheme of the seal is derived from nature, symbolizing both the source of energy and the support of man's existence. The blue field represents air and water, green represents mineral resources and the earth itself, and gold represents the creation of energy in the release of natural forces. By invoking this symbolism the color scheme represents the Nation's commitment to meet its energy needs in a manner consistent with the preservation of the natural environment.

Guidance on Usage of the DOE Seal and Logo
A Federal DOE employee may use the graphical identifiers on official DOE media, employing proper discretion that the usage is appropriate and follows the Departmental guidelines.  If you are an employee of the Department and you need to access the artwork please access the DOE internal Powerpedia available at:

If you are an employee of the Department and need to use the seal or logo but do not have access to the Powerpedia please work with a Federal supervisor to obtain the artwork.

Desired Use by a non-DOE Entity
If you are not a Federal employee of the Department, or you want to use the DOE logo, seal or word mark by a non-Federal, non-DOE entity, or use the artwork in a manner that does not constitute the Department's official position but may represent our funding or other support, we need to gather information to fully review your desired usage and determine if it is appropriate, as well as what kind of conditions may be needed to qualify/explain its usage.  This process is dependent on the details of the desired usage and the immediate availability of the authorities involved.

Please start the Request for Permission to Use the DOE Logo by responding to the initial questions below, and emailing them to This is not an on-demand, dedicated service, so please allow at least several working days for your request to be addressed.  Once we have your initial information we will review it and see if we have further questions.  Once we have all the information we need a final executive review will be processed, which usually takes a few working days.

Note: If your external organization has received funding or support through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) please contact both the EE Communications Office and Scott Minos for guidance on using the EERE graphical identifier. They can be reached via e-mail through:

Request for Permission to Use the DOE Logo, Seal or Word Mark by a non-DOE Entity
The Director, Office of Administration is the Secretary's designee for reviewing and approving usages of the DOE graphical identifier by entities external to the Department, or purposes other than standard official usages. The Department has a concurrence system to process requests for official DOE identifiers which gathers pertinent information about the association with the Department, the relationship with the requestor, the context the identifier would be used, and the content it would be associated with. 

This process requires involvement from the DOE Program Office whose official involvement would be recognized/represented.

The initial questions to gather information are below. Please start this process by responding to the questions and sending your response to:  Please allow several days or longer for this review to proceed, this is not an on-demand, dedicated service.

1) One of the most important parts of a review is input from the DOE Program Office that is providing the funding, support, or involvement, whose official relationship is being recognized. We need the name and any contact information for the involved DOE office so we may contact them for their input.  We ultimately need to get input from a Federal employee at Headquarters, if you are not sure the status of your contacts you may provide us with whatever contact information you have.

If possible please start by working directly with the DOE office whose official involvement is being represented/recognized.  Their input is critical in determining if and how an official graphical identifier could be used to recognize their involvement.  It is simpler for all parties if the DOE office has determined they do want such recognition done before initiating a formal review.  initiates the DOE seal/logo usage request, but not required.  Requests where a recipient does not have contact information for the DOE organization whose involvement is being recognized may take longer and be harder to process.

2) What is the association between the Department and this external entity or non-DOE usage? Why should the artwork be there? Please provide brief information, but enough so a reviewer can understand the official relationship between this external usage and the Department.

3) Please explicitly describe the desired usage of the DOE graphical identifier. Mock-ups are best. Where will it be used, on what media, how will it be used, what information is it associated with, where will this media be seen or distributed? We need to clearly understand the specifics of exactly how and where the identifier will be used, for each and every desired usage.

Guidance: For most external uses of our graphical identifier there needs to be qualifying wording or clear context to explain why our identifier is being used. Common qualifiers are "Funding provided by" and "Support provided by", as well as being used in a section of the publication clearly identified for Sponsor recognition.  A standard viewer should clearly understand why the identifier is there and what it is recognizing or representing. There cannot be an appearance of endorsement of any private company, service, product or policy.  Yes we will work with you as possible to identify the appropriate context for usage of the DOE identifier, though the requestor and the DOE office whose involvement is being recognized have the lead responsibility in this area.

4) Is there any urgency to this request? When do you need to hear from us? We will work the review process as fast as possible, though the review process is dependent on the availability of the involved persons and offices.  Please allow at least several days or longer for your request to be processed.

5) Who are you? What is your involvement with this request? Who do we contact with further questions?  Please include full information such as your title, organization, involvement with the project, and involvement with the Department.

Once we have your initial responses we will review them and see if we have any follow-up questions.  Once we have the information we need we will initiate the review process.

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