The Conferencing and Special Events Group is located in room GE-140 in the Forrestal Building, and in room E-055 in the Germantown building, with office hours from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm.

The office supports all your conferencing needs, including:

COVID-19 Workplace Safety
It is the responsibility of the sponsoring office to ensure all health and safety protocols are followed and prior Secretarial approval has been received for the event in question prior to working with the Department’s Conference Management Team on event coordination.

Per the Department's COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan, August 20, 2021:
For any DOE-hosted in-person meeting, conference, or event that will be attended by more than 50 participants—regardless of whether participants include members of the public—HDEs must seek approval of the Secretary of Energy, in consultation with the DOE COVID-19 Coordination Team.

In-person attendees at any meetings, conferences, and events hosted by DOE (including advisory committees or those hosted by Special Government Employees), regardless of size, must attest to vaccination status. In requesting this information, DOE will comply with any applicable Federal laws, including requirements under the Privacy Act and the Paperwork Reduction Act. In-person attendees who are not fully vaccinated or decline to provide information about their vaccination status must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within the previous three days and comply with masking and physical distancing requirements for individuals who are not fully vaccinated consistent with the requirements for visitors in the Face Masks and Physical Distancing sections of this Framework. In-person attendees in areas of “high” or “substantial” transmission must wear a mask in public indoor settings regardless of vaccination status.

Headquarters Conferencing Facilities

Call (202) 586-6651 to schedule rooms.
Keys can be picked up Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., in Room GE-140.
The Forrestal facility has seventeen (17) general use conference rooms, two auditoriums and a Program Review Center. Room locations and maximum occupancies are listed below. Note that maximum occupancy depends on the room layout.

Call (301) 903-4352 to schedule rooms.
Keys can be picked up Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. in room E-055.
The Germantown facility has seven general use conference rooms and one auditorium. Room locations and maximum occupancies are listed below. Note that maximum occupancy depends on the room layout.

Powerpedia photos and diagrams of meeting and conferencing rooms
There are photo galleries and diagrams of meeting rooms available in the DOE Headquarters.  These are on the DOE Powerpedia and available to anyone logged onto any DOE network (DOIENET).


Social Distancing Capacity
Forrestal Conference Room Locations and Capacities
GH-019 5
GH-027 5
GH-035 5
1E-245 15
2E-001 * 7
4A-104 13
5E-069 4
5E-081 4
6A-092 4
6A-110 4
6E-069 7
8E-037 3
8E-090 3
GE-086 (Large Auditorium) 21
GJ-015 (Small Auditorium) -
  Unavailable due to
  pending facilities
8E-089 Program Review Center 21
Forrestal Cafeteria 132

 * Physical access to room 2E-001 is slightly restricted, please follow this link to the DOE internal Powerpedia to read the access details.

Another venue that is available for large events is the Forrestal Cafeteria. The Cafeteria is available for special events after regular cafeteria hours, and can seat up to 132 people. A diagram showing the seating capability is available on the DOE Powerpedia.

Room Social Distancing Capacity
Germantown Conference Room Locations and Capacities
E-114 4
E-301 9
E-401 7
G-207 6
G-426 4
Z-231 6
Auditorium 34
A-410 Currently utilized for
COVID-19 meetings
until further notice

FAQs page, Conferencing information

Audio and Video Equipment

  • TV-Monitors: Utilized to show videos of meeting, classes or events. These can delivered to the conference rooms or to individual offices.
  • Screens: Utilized with projection equipment to show large images.
  • Camcorders: Utilized to video record meetings or events by the client.
  • LCD Projectors: Utilized with desktop or laptop computers to project the image on the monitor onto a large screen.
  • DVD Players: Utilized with a video monitor (TV) to play DVD discs.
  • Podiums: Utilized to support documents and displays during meetings.
  • Laser Pointer: Utilized on large projections to pinpoint specific data information.
  • Speaker phones: Utilized to allow large meeting to hear an outside attendee.
  • Display Boards: Utilized to display charts, graphs and pictures on 7'x10' panel board. Velcro is utilized to adhere material to the boards. 

Multimedia Video Services

Broadcast Quality Television and Audio Production
Live and recorded production for training, conferencing, and special events.

Satellite and T-1 Transmission
Broadcast to DOE field offices, stakeholders, and news organizations.

Interactive Audio & Video for Conferencing Support
Video conference support for large audiences, extension of live television programming and distance learning. "Listen only" and full interactive audio connection for single or multiple off site conference participants.

Intra-facility Television Distribution
Local broadcast, news feeds for recording, display and redistribution, recorded programming, in-house live feeds on-demand to DOE/HQ facilities via Cable and Fiber transmission.

Forrestal Main Auditorium
Multi-camera television production facility capable of fully interactive audio teleconference and video conference via live video streaming, video teleconference and in-house cable distribution to DOE Headquarter facilities. All broadcast signals are in HD quality.

Forrestal Small Auditorium
Multi-camera television production facility, capable of fully interactive audio teleconference and video conference via satellite and ISDN/IP based digital transmission.

Germantown Auditorium
Single camera television production facility, capable of fully interactive audio teleconference and video conference via satellite and ISDN/IP based digital transmission.

TV Production Facility
Multi-camera television production facility at Forrestal, capable of fully interactive video conference via satellite and compressed digital transmission using a wide array of set configurations and backdrops.

Studio Editing (Non-Linear)
Two broadcast program editing/effects, pre-production and post-production, and graphic development suites.

Duplication Facilities
Multi-format video and audio duplication of non-copyrighted DOE programming.

Cable TV Installations, Forrestal Building
Installation of in-house cable TV for viewing of major network news channels and local programming. Requests are received by completing a Requisition for Supplies Equipment, or Service, DOE F 4250.2 (available through this link).  The requisition must be approved by the organizations Administrative Officer. Upon receive of the request, a survey will be conducted and an estimated date of installation will be provided. (Note – depending on the number of cable drops requested, additional supplies and distribution equipment may be required to complete the request).

Cable TV Installations, L’Enfant Plaza, Portals III and the Reporters Building
Request for these services must be made through the Project Integration & Logistics Operations Team (MA-432). Upon approval, a site survey will be conducted and installation of the requested cable TV drops will be performed.

Cable TV Installations, Germantown
Requests for this service must be made through the Germantown Facilities Management Operations Group (MA-431) available through (301) 903-7050.


The Conferencing and Special Events Group supports all of your engraving needs, including:

  • Desk name plate requests
  • Office directory name changes
  • Wall plate requests
  • Room number
  • Special signage

Requests for services are produced in 7 – 14 working days. (Large quantity – requests that exceed 10 nameplates may require additional time for completion).

To request engraving services please submit DOE F 4250.2 (pdf), Requisition for Supplies Equipment, or Service (available through this link).

Requests are accepted via e-mail at

Requesting Passport and Visa Photographs

To better serve you, please call in advance to schedule passport and visa photographs.
Passport and Visa photos can be obtained by visiting:

  • Forrestal - Photography Lab located in room BH-071, (202) 586-1350.
  • Germantown - Conferencing Office located in room E-055, (301) 903-4352. Germantown office hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary but call to ensure a staff person is available.

Follow this link for the for the Conferencing and Special Events contacts.

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