DOE is the fourth largest federal land manager, conducting its mission at 50 major sites on 2.4 million acres across the country. In addition to land, DOE’s assets include distinctive world-class facilities; irreplaceable natural and cultural history; and rare assemblages of plants, animals, and mineral resources. Numerous sites and tens of thousands of acres of land will be transferred to LM after active environmental remediation has been completed. LM will act as a steward for lands under its authority, overseeing the proper management of these man-made and natural resources and ensuring their beneficial use for current and future generations.

LM considers environmentally sound future land uses for its properties, and directs a significant effort to maintaining healthy land and evaluating possible land reuse options. To accomplish this, LM implements DOE land use planning processes taking into account economic, ecological, social, and cultural factors surrounding each facility or parcel of land. Where compatible with DOE missions, LM will make excess lands and facilities available for government, public, and private use consistent with the tenets of sustainable and good land management practices. Additionally, LM will assist communities through its personal property reuse program. This program promotes the transfer of DOE personal property that has been declared excess by local DOE property managers to community reuse organizations.

Property Resources