The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) acquired an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software system to provide an integrated suite of data functionality and reporting to support LM’s Asset Management mission.  The EAM system is comprised of 3 tools: The ARCHIBUS System; the Facilities and Information Management System (FIMS); and the Condition Assessment Information System (CAIS). 

ARCHIBUS is a web-based application that has the capability to support management of program goals, budgets, schedules, and requirements by categorizing and prioritizing assets, whether by type, costs, compliance, or utilization. It is designed, implemented, and configured to manage the asset portfolio while adhering to the directives provided by the governance. With the ARCHIBUS system, LM will be able to identify gaps and risks (financial, legal, or mission-related) in its current asset portfolio, and utilize the information for future strategic planning.

FIMS is the Department of Energy's (DOE) corporate database for real property. Real Property includes land, improvements on the land, or both, and interests therein. FIMS helps manage real property by providing an intuitive user interface within a browser environment that visually organizes data into specific windows. It has built-in standard and Ad Hoc reporting capabilities. FIMS also provides the capability to upload data extracted from local information sources conforming to a defined Excel template format. 

CAIS is a web-based cost-estimating tool used throughout the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that is based on RS Means construction costing data. It uses industry standard deficiency systems (Uniformat II) and construction costing information to implement a
costing algorithm for modeling deficiency repair and replacement costs. As a result, CAIS provides DOE with condition assessment information to ensure real property assets are maintained and will continue to meet DOE program goals.

As a combined system, EAM has the ability to support reporting of data for all facets of Asset Management including Fleet, Personal Property, and On Demand Work Order applications, Space Planning initiatives as well as Preventive Maintenance activities. These functionalities and work processes continue to be refined, further developed, and integrated into LM’s Asset Management program. A phased approach is underway and in the planning stages to incorporate additional data modules to better support LM’s Strategic Plan and DOE’s goals and objectives for assets.
This overarching EAM system meets the requirements of DOE Order 430.1C Admin Chg 2, Real Property Asset Management, ultimately supporting LM’s goal of optimizing its land and assets. 

A more detailed description of FIMS and CAIS may be found on the Information Systems webpage.


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