Office of Indian Energy staff and contractors in August 2023.

Front row: Jen Luna*, Tweedie Doe, Wahleah Johns (Director), David Conrad (Deputy Director), Lizana Pierce, Tommy Jones, Stephanie Bostwick
Middle row: Quinntella Wilson, Pat Gwin*, Kara Wilcox*, Isabel Pimentel-Everett, Mike Vehar, Brandon Kiger*, Nathan Ballenger*, Corrina Ikakoula, Josh Gregory, Mike Stevenson, Albert (Brandt) Petrasek, Jami Alley*
Back row: Terrell Jones*, Sam Baker*, Raymond (Studie) RedCorn, James Jensen*, Kris Venema*, Roberta (Bobbie) Wells*
Not pictured: Tristan Douville, Phillip Guerrero, Givey Kochanowski. *Asterisk indicates DOE Contractor.

Connect With Us

Office of Indian Energy
1000 Independence Ave. SW
Room 8E-060
Washington, D.C. 20585

Help Desk

Phone: 240-562-1352


Media Requests
Request an interview with Office of Indian Energy leadership or staff.

Meeting Requests
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Event Requests
Request a Office of Indian Energy speaker, booth, or attendance at an event.

Indian Energy Purchase Preference Inquiries
Inquiries on selling energy or energy products to federal agencies under the Indian Energy Purchase Preference policy.


Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in working with American Indians and Alaska Natives in their pursuit for clean, affordable, reliable electricity? Do you have a bachelor's degree and a desire to work remotely in the United States? If so, you’re invited to apply to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs. 

We are looking for engineers to join the federal staff to support Indian tribes and Native communities in their goals to lower energy costs, increase energy security and resilience, and get electric power to unelectrified buildings through clean energy technologies.  

Preferred candidates will have experience in project management, working with (or directly for) an American Indian or Alaska Native tribal government, and working knowledge of (and experience working with) renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. 

  • Engineers interested in a federal position and who have those specialized skills can submit an application to the DOE Clean Energy Corps Portal.
    • During the “Disclosures” step, under “Applicant Source,” select “Other” and provide the referral code: #IndianEnergy to direct your resume to the appropriate hiring managers and select “submit”. Please note that the referral code is case-sensitive and must be entered as #IndianEnergy.


Wahleah Johns
Director, Office of Indian Energy
David F. Conrad
Deputy Director, Office of Indian Energy

Office Staff

Stephanie Bostwick
Tribal College and University Coordinator
Tweedie Doe
Lead Project Officer
Tristan Douville
Special Assistant, Office of Indian Energy
Josh Gregory
General Engineer
Phil Guerrero
Communications Specialist
Corrina Ikakoula
Tribal Outreach Specialist
Tommy Jones
Deployment Specialist
Givey Kochanowski
Former Senior Advisor, Arctic Energy Office
Albert (Brandt) Petrasek
Senior Policy Advisor
Lizana Pierce
Senior Engineer and Deployment Supervisor
Raymond RedCorn
Policy Analyst
Mike Stevenson
Lead General Engineer
Mike Vehar
General Engineer
Quinntella Wilson
Budget Officer and Human Capital Resource Manager