Calendar Year 2001

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August 30, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0518

Evaluation of Classified Information Systems Security Program

August 24, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0517

Inspection of Selected Office of Security and Emergency Operations Firearms Inventories

August 23, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0516

Information Technology Support Services Contracts

August 4, 2001
Audit Report: CR-B-01-01

Issues Regarding Fee Structure for Three Environmental Management Contracts

July 27, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0508

Audit Report, Stocked Inventory at the Savannah River Site

July 19, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0514

Administrative Control of the Hanford Reach National Monument

July 16, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0513

Financial Assistance for Biomass-to-Ethanol Projects

July 10, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0512

Recruitment and Retention of Scientific and Technical Personnel

July 9, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0510

Use of Performance-Based Incentives at Selected Departmental Sites

July 9, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0511

Research and Development at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

July 3, 2001
Inspection Report: S01IS018

Allegation Regarding Actions by Senior Office of Environment, Safety and Health Officials

June 28, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0509

Report on the Integrated Planning, Accountability, and Budgeting System - Information System

June 20, 2001
Special Report: IG-0507

Department of Energy's Implementation of the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996

June 15, 2001
Inspection Report: INS-L-01-05

Letter Report, Environment, Safety & Health Issues at the Ashtabula Environmental Management Project

June 14, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0506

Inspection of Selected Aspects of the Office of River Protection Performance-Based Incentive Program

May 25, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0505

Utilization of the Department’s Low-Level Waste Disposal Facilities

May 11, 2001
Special Report: IG-0504

Performance Measures in the Department of Energy

May 7, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0503

Incentive Fees for Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC

May 7, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0502

Sale of Land at Oak Ridge

May 2, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0501

Remediation and Closure of the Miamisburg Environmental Management Project

April 23, 2001
Special Inquiry: IO1HQ005

Special Review of the Yucca Mountain Project

April 12, 2001
Inspection Report: INS-O-01-04

Inspection of the Purchase of Protective Force Respirators

April 5, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0500

Virus Protection Strategies and Cyber Security Incident Reporting

April 3, 2001
Special Inquiry: I01HQ003

Special Review of Profiling Concerns at the Department of Energy

April 2, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0499

Department of Energy's Super Energy Savings Performance Contracts