Calendar Year 2001

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March 22, 2001
Audit Report: WR-B-01-04

Facility Maintenance at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

March 21, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0498

Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC's Management and Integration Contract at Oak Ridge

March 21, 2001
Inspection Report: INS-O-01-03

Inspection of the Department of Energy’s Role in the Commerce Control List and the U.S. Munitions List

March 13, 2001
Inspection Report: INS-O-01-02

Inspection of Selected Coordination Activities by the Department of Energy’s Office of Transportation Safeguards

March 13, 2001
Audit Report: WR-B-01-03

Utilization of the Big Explosives Experimental Facility

March 13, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0497

Inspection of Concerns Relating to the Management of the Savannah River Operations Office LEARN/POWER Information System

March 7, 2001
Audit Report: WR-B-01-02

Prediction and Mapping Capabilities for Atmospheric Releases of Hazardous Materials

February 27, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0496

Sale of Enriched Uranium at the Fernald Environmental Management Project

February 20, 2001
Inspection Report: INS-O-01-01

Inspection of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Credit Card Usage and Property Management Concerns

February 13, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0494

The U.S. Department of Energy's Corporate Human Resource Information System

February 12, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0495

The Need for the Atlas Pulsed Power Experimental Facility

February 9, 2001
Audit Report: IG-0493

Internet Privacy

February 8, 2001
Audit Report: CR-L-01-06

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act Audit Report

February 2, 2001
Inspection Report: IG-0492

Inspection of Department of Energy Activities Involving Biological Select Agents

February 2, 2001
Audit Report: WR-B-01-01

Richland Operations Office Fleet Management