Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alleged Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Mismanagement at a Department of Energy Site Office

We initiated this inspection in response to a complaint alleging fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement at a Department of Energy Site Office.  Specifically, the complaint alleged that employees and other resources were used to perform personal tasks.  The complaint also alleged various other ethics violations, to include:  (1) accessing and sharing of employee email records; (2) creation of a negative work environment; (3) disclosure of employee personal information; (4) the use of inappropriate influence; and (5) improprieties related to the consumption of alcohol during an offsite event.

Key aspects of the allegation were substantiated.  We found that Federal and contractor employees and other official resources were used to perform personal tasks.  We also substantiated the allegations that employee emails were accessed and a negative work environment existed.  In addition, we identified attempted intimidation of employees.  The remaining aspects of the alleged ethics violations were not substantiated. 

These issues occurred, in part, because the manager involved did not adhere to well-established and widely promulgated ethical standards.  We made recommendations designed to assist management in addressing the issues identified. 

Topic: Management and Administration