The Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Litigation manages, justifies, and defends—in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Justice--all litigation in Federal courts involving challenges to DOE programs and actions, and concerning the civil enforcement of Federal and DOE statutes, regulations and orders.  The Office also provides pre-litigation advice to DOE officials at all levels, and represents DOE in State and Federal administrative proceedings.

The Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Litigation also provides general advice to DOE managers and personnel concerning pending litigation; reviews and analyzes pending or potential litigation; reviews regulations, policy and staff papers, Congressional and other correspondence, and Freedom of Information Act responses having litigation implications; responds to subpoenas involving production of documents and requests for testimony of DOE officials; oversees and coordinates activities of field counsel and others involved in assigned litigation; consults with other attorneys and program officials throughout DOE to delineate legal and policy issues, and to negotiate resolutions; and recommends to the General Counsel such changes in DOE policy as are deemed necessary.

Contacts for the Assistant General Counsel for Litigation (GC-31)

Litigation, Regulation and Enforcement