The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) recently unveiled a new web resource, the Federal Fleet ZEV Ready Center, aimed at accelerating the adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) within the federal government's fleet. This new section of the FEMP Fleet Electrification and Optimization website provides a comprehensive resource center with valuable information and detailed recommendations for federal agencies interested in transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs).

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FEMP, which works with stakeholders to promote energy efficiency and sustainability across federal agencies, recognizes the importance of reducing emissions and advancing clean energy in transportation. The Federal Fleet ZEV Ready Center serves as a centralized platform where headquarters and site-level fleet managers, facility managers, and other fleet electrification stakeholders can access ZEV tools, trainings, and implementation best practices.

"The launch of the Federal Fleet ZEV Ready Center represents a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting sustainable transportation within the federal government," said Jesse Bennett, federal fleet project leader at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

"By providing this comprehensive resource center, we aim to empower federal agencies with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully transition to zero-emission vehicles and contribute to our nation's clean energy goals," added Sonya Smith-Pickel, FEMP federal fleet program manager.

The ZEV Ready Center is organized into steps to guide users through the process needed to electrify federal fleets, including foundational ZEV planning, charging infrastructure design, and vehicle and EV supply equipment (EVSE) acquisition and installation. Additionally, it highlights resources specific to federal agencies, such as the ZEV Planning and Charging (ZPAC) tool, EV and EVSE funding opportunities, and driver support to help agencies facilitate the transition to ZEVs.

The launch of the Federal Fleet ZEV Ready Center aligns with the Biden administration's broader goal of combating climate change. By deploying a clean fleet, the federal government can assist in meeting this goal and serve as a model for the broader transportation sector.

As fleet electrification continues to evolve, the Federal Fleet ZEV Ready Center will expand its resources and engagement efforts, ensuring that federal agencies have the necessary support to navigate ZEV adoption successfully. Federal agencies and interested stakeholders can visit the Federal Fleet ZEV Ready Center to explore the wealth of resources available and learn more about the benefits and opportunities associated with ZEVs. By accelerating the transition to electric vehicles, FEMP aims to help the federal government drive innovation, reduce emissions, and lead by example into a more sustainable future.