The Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Program advances a diverse set of CDR approaches in service of facilitating gigatonne-scale removal by mid-century, emphasizing rigorous analysis of life cycle impacts and a deep commitment to environmental justice. The program is investing in CDR technologies such as direct air capture and direct ocean capture with durable storage; biomass with carbon removal and storage; and mineralization concepts to remove legacy emissions and address emissions from hard-to-abate sectors.

The Carbon Conversion (CC) Program invests in research, development, and demonstration and supports an ecosystem to deploy technologies, which recycle CO2 into value-added products on an economic scale. The Program focuses on various pathways, including mineralization, catalytic conversion, and biological approaches to create products such as CO2-based building materials, fuels, and chemicals. Through these investments, the CC Program can help the United States achieve the goals of a net-zero carbon economy by 2050, while developing the industries of the future in an equitable and just manner.