Below are links to each Office of Environmental Management (EM) site’s key regulatory agreements or other key legal arrangements. For additional information on state permits, please visit the appropriate state regulatory agency websites.

EM Sites on National Priorities List

Brookhaven National Laboratory - Federal Facility Agreement

Hanford (includes Office of River Protection and the Richland Site Office) – Federal Facility Agreement/Consent Order (“Tri-Party Agreement”)

Idaho National Laboratory - Federal Facility Agreement/Consent Order

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Federal Facility Agreement

Oak Ridge - Federal Facility Agreement

Paducah Site - Federal Facility Agreement

Savannah River Site - Federal Facility Agreement

EM Sites not on National Priorities List

Energy Technology Engineering Center – Administrative Order on Consent and Consent Order for Corrective Action

Los Alamos National Laboratory - Consent Order

Moab UMTRA Project - Authorizing legislation

Nevada National Security Site – Federal Facility Agreement/Consent Order

Portsmouth Site - Consent Decree

Sandia National Laboratories – Federal Facilities Compliance Order

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) – Compliance Certification and Recertifications

West Valley Demonstration Project – Administrative Order on Consent