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This photo shows the inside the K West Basin facility, where workers are retrieving highly radioactive sludge material under 17 feet of water.

This photo shows the inside the K West Basin facility, where workers are retrieving highly radioactive sludge material under 17 feet of water.

The Department of Energy is not a regulatory agency; however it does self-regulate its own radioactive waste. DOE is also affected by a variety of statutes, legislation, regulations, directives and guidance. Many of the current compliance-related actions revolve around waste and material disposition. These include National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Impact Statements and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) Records of Decision. Links, below, lead to compliance agreements and other compliance-related resources. DOE is currently revising its radioactive waste management regulation, DOE Order 435.1, and a link is provided for those activities, including the Complex-Wide Review Report, which is an analysis associated with implementation of the current requirements.


Compliance Documents - Compliance and other legal documents illustrate and help support the development of effective compliance approaches and strategies, and can assist in promoting greater cooperation, coordination, and consistency with other EM offices, Departmental organizations, and State agencies.

Environmental Compliance Performance - This link provides information on the status of major enforceable milestones applicable to the EM program.

Requirements to coordinate agreements, milestones and decision documents (AMDD) - Environmental agreements, milestones and decision documents (AMDD) which meet certain thresholds are reviewed and approved by Headquarters (HQ) before entering into negotiations and commitments.

State Agreements-In-Principle Information and Guidance - This office coordinates within Environmental Management offices and other Departmental organizations to review proposed Agreements-in-Principle (AIPs) with States.

Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel - The Office of Environmental Management’s (EM) mission is to safely and efficiently manage its Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) and prepare it for disposal in a geologic repository.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Background Information and Guidance  - This office provides a centralized source of NEPA information that is unique to the Environmental Management Program.

Natural Resources Damages Information and Guidance  - This Web site was created to support the Natural Resource Trustee Coordinators Steering Committee in accomplishing their goals and objectives.

Low-Level Waste Disposal Facility Federal Review Group (LFRG)

DOE Environmental Guidance

DOE Regulations & Standards

Revision to DOE Order 435.1 (including Complex-Wide Review Report)