RICHLAND, Wash.EM Office of River Protection contractor Bechtel National Inc. this month energized the Balance of Facilities (BOF) switchgear building, Building 91, one of the more than 20 structures that make up the Balance of Facilities at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP), and one of two switchgear buildings providing power to the WTP. Building 91 provides electrical support for BOF structures that will provide utilities and services such as steam, air and water to the WTP vitrification facilities. With its energization, permanent plant low-voltage power (480V) was provided to the Water Treatment Building and the Nonradioactive Liquid Waste Drain Pump House this month. The Water Treatment Building encompasses three major water systems, including the domestic (potable), demineralized and process water systems. These three systems are being turned over from construction to startup, and electrical testing of the systems will begin soon. Mechanical testing and flushing of the nonradioactive liquid waste disposal system also will start soon. Last September, BNI brought permanent power to Building 87, which is the primary electrical switchgear building at the WTP site. Building 87 provides power to the main facilities which comprise WTP, as well as to Building 91.