VPP Steering Committee - The Department of Energy Voluntary Protection Program (DOE-VPP) Federal Field Steering Committee is a group of Federal field office staff members from offices where at least one contractor organization is participating in the DOE-VPP. This Committee provides input and support to the Office of Worker Safety and Health Assistance.

  • General Information - A broad statement defining major aspects of DOE-VPP.
  • Program Procedures - The four volumes of DOE-VPP procedures describing the general structure and requirements of the overall program.
  • Voluntary Protection Program On-site Evaluations
  • Business Case for Safety - Articles, reports and other publications showing the business case and return on investment for safety and health programs.
  • Congress, The President, and VPP - Articles, reports and other publications showing support for VPP within the United States Congress and by the President.
  • Contact information for the primary contractor and Federal staff at DOE VPP sites.
  • VPP Outreach Program - Reference charts for the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants Association (VPPPA) staff and a link to the VPPPA listing of OSHA's VPP sites.
  • Participant Status - A chart showing DOE-VPP participant contractors by location/site; the date of the last review, current program status and next action date, the Assistant Secretarial Program Office having jurisdiction and the average employment.
  • Related Links - Links to VPP related information.