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The DOE Employee Concerns Program (ECP) encourages the free and open expression of employee concerns and provides DOE federal, contractor, and subcontractor employees with an independent avenue to raise any concern related, but not limited, to the environment, safety, health, and management.

DOE ECP Leadership: Yissel Castanon, Director DOE Employee Concerns Program


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The DOE ECP Purpose

  • Encourages open communication;
  • Provides DOE/NNSA federal, contractor, and subcontractor employees with an independent and formal avenue to raise concerns;
  • Provides employees an avenue for consideration of concerns that fall outside existing systems;
  • Supports a Safety Culture where concerns can be promptly identified and resolved without fear of Retaliation/Reprisal.
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Energy Department employees and any contractor or subcontractor fulfilling DOE’s mission have the right and responsibility to report concerns relating to the environment, safety, health, or management of Department operations. Free and open expression of Energy Department Federal and contractor and subcontractor employee concerns is essential to safe and efficient accomplishment of the Energy Department's missions.

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Employees are encouraged to report concerns to their immediate supervisors, or to Department field, headquarters, or contractor employee concerns programs within their own organizations, or to offices responsible for dealing with the particular subject matter of the concern.

DOE field and headquarters employee concerns offices are available to assist employees in determining the appropriate program to which a concern should be addressed and, when necessary, to itself take action to investigate and seek resolution of the concern.

The Headquarters Office of Employee Concerns will complement the various programs established to receive and evaluate employee concerns by assisting in the review of certain concerns when a more appropriate avenue does not exist for a final resolution.

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ECP Filing Information

There are several ways to report a concern.

If you are contacting our office via letter or email, please provide the following information:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Concern Location
  • Does your concern involve an immediate danger to employees, the environment, or the public?       Yes     No
  • A summary of concern

NOTE: If you would like to remain anonymous, please do not send any correspondences that includes your name (you may provide a code name of your choosing).

  • Via telephone:  DOE ECP Hotline: 844-799-8855 NNSA ECP Hotline: 800-688-5713
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For more information send inquiries to: