The authors believe that the valuation framework and the PSH valuation process presented in the Guidebook will be of interest to a variety of stakeholders.

• PSH developers may use the valuation framework and apply the valuation process to assess the value of their project or project alternatives.

• Owners and operators of existing PSH plants can use the Guidebook to assess the value of their project or potential project upgrades.

• Regulators and financial lending organizations may not necessarily use the Guidebook to perform their own valuation analyses, but will benefit from understanding the valuation framework and valuation methodology that was applied for the evaluation of PSH projects by PSH developers (e.g., utilities or independent power producers), consulting organizations, and other users.

A common benefit to all these stakeholders is that the valuation framework and methodology presented in this Guidebook will help with their decision making, whether to invest into a project, approve the project, or finance the project.

In addition, energy researchers in the industry, national laboratories, and academia may benefit from using the valuation methods and approaches presented in this Guidebook to estimate the value of PSH projects and their services.