The valuation framework developed during this project was tested by performing techno-economic studies for two proposed new PSH projects. The following two project sites were selected by DOE/WPTO through the Notice of Opportunity for Technical Assistance (NOTA) process:

Banner Mountain PSH Project (Absaroka Energy, LLC)

Goldendale Energy Storage Project (Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Rye Development, LLC)

The project team engaged with the NOTA selectees and performed various techno-economic studies to assess different aspects of value of these two projects. These analyses also served as the real-world test cases for the proposed PSH valuation framework. Based on the experience gained during the techno-economic and valuation studies, the project team revised and improved the valuation process presented in this Guidebook before its public release for use by hydropower industry and stakeholders. The techno-economic studies performed for the Banner Mountain and Goldendale projects will be documented in two companion technical reports with the purpose of providing illustrative examples for the application of valuation methodologies and analyses presented in this Guidebook. The purpose of these two case studies was to test the valuation methodologies, not to determine the economic value of these two proposed projects.