The Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC) was established as a strategic partnership between DOE and the national laboratories to bring together leading experts, technologies, and resources to collaborate on the goal of modernizing the nation’s grid. The benefits of the GMLC include more efficient use of resources; shared networks; improving learning and preservation of knowledge; enhanced lab coordination and collaboration; and regional perspective and relationships with local stakeholders and industry.  One of the main components of the GMI portfolio is the Grid Modernization Lab Call, which is a comprehensive effort of eighty-eight projects that span over the course of three years managed by the national laboratories. Learn more about these awards here.


Seven Resilient Distribution Systems projects through DOE’s GMLC were selected to develop and validate innovative approaches to enhance the resilience of distribution systems – including microgrids – with high penetration of clean distributed energy resources (DER) and emerging grid technologies at regional scale. WPTO’s Resilient Alaskan Distribution System Improvements using Automation, Network Analysis, Control, and Energy Storage (RADIANCE) project was among one of the chosen projects.