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Winter driving conditions and cold temperatures can have a significant effect on a vehicle’s fuel economy. For a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle, fuel economy at 20°F in city driving is about 15% lower than at 77°F. The effect of temperature on electrified vehicles is even more pronounced. Hybrid vehicles, which rely on a larger battery, can experience a decrease in fuel economy of around 30% while all-electric vehicles can experience a decrease in fuel economy of nearly 40% in cold temperatures. Tests were conducted in a controlled laboratory setting. For more information on the effects of winter conditions on fuel economy, visit Fuel Economy in Cold Weather.

Fuel economy loss in cold weather by vehicle type

Note: The term hybrid vehicle refers to a conventional hybrid and not a mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Actual fuel economy will vary by vehicle, driving conditions, and many other factors.

Source: The U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website, "Fuel Economy in Cold Weather."

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