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Fifty-six models of electric-drive vehicles were available in model year (MY) 2018. One quarter of the models were midsize cars, followed by large cars at 16% and compact cars at 14%. Together, small sport utility vehicles (SUV), standard SUVs and minivans accounted for another quarter. Electric-drive vehicles include battery-electric, plug-in-hybrid electric, and fuel-cell vehicles.

Electric-drive vehicle models available by size class for model year 2018. Minivan-2%, compact car-14%, large car-16%, midsize car-25%, subcompact car-11%, minicompact-5%, small station wagon-5%, small SUV-9%, standard SUV-13%

Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 37, ORNL/TM-2018/987, January 2019. Original source: FuelEconomy.Gov website.

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