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Imports of crude oil to the United States in 2018 were 9.93 million barrels per day (mmbd), a 28% decrease from the highest import level in 2005-2006. Seventy-one percent of crude oil imports in 2018 came from non-OPEC sources, such as Canada (45%). Since 2013, the amount of crude oil imported has consistently been about 9-10 mmbd. Increased domestic production of crude oil is a contributing factor.

U.S. Crude Oil Imports by Country of Origin from 1960 to 2018. Courties importing crude oil are: Nigeria, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Other OPEC Countries, and Other Non-OPEC Countries.

Note: OPEC is the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 37.1, Oak Ridge, TN, 2019.
Original source: Energy Information Administration, Monthly Energy Review.

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