At Parsons School of Design in New York City, 15 advanced connected lighting systems are installed in multiple working classrooms. Initial evaluations in this Living Lab shared insights from installers and evaluators during installation, configuration, and initial operation.

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Left, three people in a classroom look at a tablet screen; middle, a man installs a troffer light fixture in a ceiling; right, a man installs a wall control panel.


Ongoing evaluations assess system performance, maintenance, and aspects of daylighting. The systems are used daily by instructors and students, who provide valuable feedback on system performance and user satisfaction.

The ongoing research at Parsons—representing a range of manufacturers, control systems, and luminaire types—is documented in the “Inside the Living Lab” series:

Five thumbnail cover images from NGLS "Inside the Living Lab" reports.

A new tool in development will help decision makers select lighting control systems to satisfy project objectives. The tool provides a systematic approach to determine controls objectives, system capability considerations, networking and communication options, and documentation needs.