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Connected Lighting System Interoperability.

These studies explore how data might be used to detect, diagnose, and possibly predict failures in lighting and other building systems, and how data quality affects its usability.



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A video poster presentation from the 2021 DOE Lighting R&D Workshop.

The electrical infrastructure powering streetlights in older cities has not always been maintained to ensure desired and consistent electrical service, which can result in a range of issues for connected lighting devices that are more sensitive to anomalies than their unconnected counterparts. PNNL is using the CLTB to characterize the sensitivity of these devices to conditions seen in the real world.


A preliminary study examined the diversity of APIs in several connected lighting systems and characterized their ability to implement two simple use cases. The next phase investigates how APIs might be used to integrate outdoor CLS with other systems to facilitate optimized maintenance and repair, and characterizes how well commercially available APIs comply with industry best practices and emerging specifications.