aerial rendering of home and garage with solar

Technological innovation in the solar industry can help to lower the cost of solar energy for more consumers. However, it’s not always easy for new ideas to tackle the barriers to commercialization. That’s where the Solar Energy Technologies Office helps, providing technical assistance and financial resources that allow small companies to conduct research, develop practical applications for the concepts, then conduct testing and perform simulations to validate their models with the long-term goal of creating a viable product.

Solar Business Innovation Spotlight

Solar awardee EnergySage leveraged DOE funding to develop the company from a concept to a successful online platform for consumers that drives down costs, increases competition to help the consumer and increases solar adoption rates. The software allows a homeowner to obtain multiple quotes for solar installation with the click of a mouse. Not only does this simplify the process, it allows solar companies both large and small compete on the same level, driving down costs for solar and making it more affordable and accessible to all Americans. Watch a video about the EnergySage platform.

Manufacturing and Competitiveness Business Innovation Funding Programs