PROJECT PROFILE: Northeastern University (ENERGISE)

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Title: Robust Distributed State Estimator for Interconnected Transmission and Distribution Networks
Funding Opportunity: ENERGISE
SunShot Subprogram: Systems Integration
Location: Boston, MA
Amount Awarded: $633,792
Awardee Cost Share: $158,454

This project develops, implements, tests, and validates a comprehensive state estimation algorithm for combined monitoring of transmission and distribution systems. Using this technology will allow the computational complexity and solution time to be bounded regardless of the system size and number of measurements. By using a mixed set of measurements under different network configurations, utilities will be able to handle any number of available solar photovoltaic (PV) units connected to the distribution system.


The research team will formulate multi-area, large-scale transmission state estimation and multi-feeder distribution state estimation solutions, as well as develop the respective prototype programs that will allow the validation of the two estimators separately. The prototypes will be tested separately using the gathered and prepared network data and measurement configuration information for the actual transmission and distribution systems. The final version will incorporate the capability to estimate imbalances in the transmission system initiated by the imbalances from the distribution side.


The team will develop a software tool that solves the state estimation problem for the transmission grid, as well as all the distribution feeders connected to it. A unique feature of this software will be the incorporation of detailed models of distributed solar PV modules and any associated measurements available from the direct current part of these installations. The results of transmission and distribution system state estimators will be seamlessly coordinated to yield a robust solution for the entire combined power grid.