--This project is inactive--
Solexel and Owens Corning Science and Technology, LLC (Solexel-OC), under the BOS-X funding opportunity, are developing a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar shingle product that demonstrates a business case for achieving a $2-per-watt (or less) total-installed-cost residential BIPV system at large scale by 2017.


The Solexel-OC team is developing a BIPV roofing shingle product that includes low-profile solar modules and a unique attachment system that will be fastened directly to the roof and incorporates balance of system (BOS) components to conduct electric power from the modules to the building electrical system. The innovative solar modules, which will connect uniquely to the attachment system, consist of Solexel PV smart cells integrated into a laminate.


This project incorporates:

  • High-efficiency (>21%), flexible monocrystalline silicon
  • Very low-cost distributed power electronics circuitry at the cell level
  • Integrated microinverters.