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The SunShot Diversity in Science and Technology Advances National Clean Energy in Solar (DISTANCE-Solar) program pairs science and technology research advances with the development of a diverse and innovative workforce.

Launched in October 2013, DISTANCE-Solar aims to drive solar innovation among groups currently underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), spur new domestic job creation, and integrate more solar into the U.S. electricity supply.


Delaware State University
  • Location: Dover, DE
  • Amount: $326,139
  • Principal Investigator: Daniel R. Radu
  • Project Summary: Delaware State will develop a novel thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technology using solution nano-precursors to build Fe2SiS4-based and Fe2GeS4-based absorber layers in thin-film solar devices. Through this project, the university will provide solar-related education to students from underrepresented groups.
The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Amount: $750,000
  • Principal Investigator: Hariharan Krishnaswami
  • Project Summary: The University of Texas at San Antonio will provide utility-scale solar PV technology solutions that reduce systems integration costs, enhance the value of solar electricity, and contribute to the development of a "solar-educated" diverse workforce to accelerate large-scale deployments of solar within the United States.

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