Are you interested in working in the Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO)?

We’re looking for the best and brightest! Please see below for open job opportunities:

General Engineer 

**This position is at the GS-13 level.**

The general engineer will serve on SETO’s systems integration team and supports the research, development, and demonstration of high-impact technologies and solutions that enable the reliable, resilient, secure, and affordable integration of solar energy onto the nation’s electric power grid.

Responsibilities include evaluating technology area portfolios, conducting gap analysis, and supporting the development of strategic roadmaps; performing and interpreting calculations, analyses, and computations for unknown factors or relationships, primarily in matters involving well-understood mechanisms; initiating and supporting the planning of new programs, including concepts, requirement documents, workshops, merit reviews, briefings, and award negotiations.

This position requires in-depth knowledge and experience in at least one of these technical areas: (1) power system modeling/simulation; (2) power electronics and controls; (3) renewable energy and energy storage; (4) microgrids; (5) communications and data analytics.

This position is open until filled and is based in Washington, D.C. Click here to apply for the general engineer position. In addition, please send your résumé to

Physical Scientist

**This position is at the GS-13 level.**

SETO is seeking a highly motivated physical scientist to support the systems integration team. The physical scientist will provide scientific advice and guidance to officials, managers, scientists, and engineers. Responsibilities include providing technical guidance on proposed research projects and programs of interest; coordinating, implementing, and evaluating segments of research programs in the assigned area of responsibility; and gathering essential information on topics of assigned segments of research through various source materials. 

The successful candidate should possess a strong academic background in a fundamental engineering/science discipline and demonstrated real-world experience in least one of the following areas: (1) power electronics; (2) power system modeling; (3) renewable energy (particularly solar); (4) communications and smart grid; (5) control and data analytics; and (6) energy storage.

This position is open until filled and is based in Washington, D.C. Click here to apply for the physical scientist position. In addition, please send your résumé to