Office: Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office
FOA Number: DE-FOA-0002804
Available Funding: $135 million


On June 15, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $135 million in funding for 40 projects that will reduce the carbon footprint of the industrial sector and move the U.S. towards a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. These 40 projects are expected to advance key transformational and innovative technologies toward these goals.

Primarily funded through DOE’s Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office (IEDO), the selected projects will support research, development, and pilot-scale demonstrations to reduce energy usage and emissions from high-emitting industrial subsectors and find solutions that can be applied across the industrial sector. The selected projects will drive industrial decarbonization while creating good-paying jobs and building a stronger, more competitive U.S. industrial sector.

Topic Areas

Award and cost share amounts are subject to change pending negotiations.

Each selected project fits into one of the below topics that represent a key part of DOE’s decarbonization strategy and follow the recommendations outlined in the Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap:

Topic 1: Decarbonizing ChemicalsNumber of Awards: 9 projects
Award Amount: $38.3 million

These projects will increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon impacts from the production of high-volume chemicals by focusing on unit operations, including advanced separations and advanced reactors, along with alternative production and process heating technologies.

Topic 2: Decarbonizing Iron and Steel
Number of Awards: 10 projects
Award Amount: $31.9 million

Collaboratively funded with the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, selected projects under this topic will focus on advancements that enable decarbonization in ore-based or scrap-based iron and steelmaking operations and convert other existing iron and steelmaking ancillary and thermal processes to use clean fuels or electricity.

Topic 3: Decarbonizing Food and Beverage Products
Number of Awards: 3 projects
Award Amount: $11.4 million

These projects will focus on innovative technologies that decarbonize process heating operations within the food and beverage sector, which is one of the largest energy consuming and GHG-emitting industries in the United States.

Topic 4: Decarbonizing Cement and Concrete
Number of Awards: 5 projects
Award Amount: $16.4 million

Projects selected under this topic will focus on next generation cement formulations and process routes and carbon capture and utilization technologies to address both process-related CO2 emissions from calcination and energy-related CO2 emissions. 

Topic 5: Decarbonizing Paper and Forest Products
Number of Awards: 6 projects
Award Amount: $16.2 million

Selected projects under this topic will advance strategies that increase the share of renewable energy used, electrification, carbon capture, and energy efficiency in the paper and forest products industry. These projects focus on novel paper and wood drying technologies and innovative pulping and paper forming technologies.

Topic 6: Cross-sector Decarbonization Technologies
Number of Awards: 7 projects
Award Amount: $20.4 million

These projects will focus on innovations that can lead to energy and emissions reductions across multiple industrial sectors including industrial heat pump technologies and technologies to generate power from low temperature waste heat. 

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