The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's (EERE's) award recipients are required to ensure that the costs they claim are allowable, allocable, and reasonable per the applicable federal cost principles.

Payment terms and procedures vary by award. EERE may require detailed supporting documentation for each invoice. Recipients must consult with the Special Terms and Conditions section of their cooperative agreement to determine which procedures to follow when requesting payment.

Submitting Invoices

Find the "Payment Procedures" term in your award's Special Terms and Conditions. If the term references:

For more information about submitting invoices, see the Recipient Guidance for Invoicing. This document is provided to assist recipients understand the invoicing requirements for EERE financial assistance awards.

Timing of Payments

EERE will release payment no later than 30 days after receiving your invoice, unless the billing is improper. Generally, you should receive payment approximately 2 weeks after EERE approves an acceptable invoice.

For an invoice to be acceptable, all forms must be filled out correctly and you must have provided all supporting documentation (which is referenced in the Special Terms and Conditions and the award kick-off presentation) with the invoice.

Please contact the DOE Project Officer or the DOE Award Administrator listed on page 2 of your award's assistance agreement for more information.

Visit the EERE Project Management Center to access forms, review regulations, and manage EERE-funded projects.