Learn more about the process for receiving, managing, and closing out projects with funding from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

All EERE funding recipients must provide periodic reporting on their projects. The Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist and Instructions are included in the award package that all recipients receive and describes all of the required deliverables and reporting requirements.

If the recipient does not complete the required reports, EERE may take appropriate action consistent with 2 CFR 200.338, 2 CFR 200.339, 10 CFR §§ 600.24 and 600.25, including—but not limited to—redirecting, suspending, or terminating the award. Further, EERE may deny reimbursement for costs incurred that relate to the failure to comply, and such costs may not be recognized as allowable cost share.

    For Quarterly Reporting

    EERE Cooperative Agreements and Grants: The EERE Project Management Center (PMC) allows recipients to upload quarterly reports for competitive awards.

    Formula Grants: The Performance and Accountability for Grants in Energy (PAGE) system allows recipients to upload reports for formula grants. For more information about the PAGE system, see the Resources page.

    Final Technical Reports (FTRs) are uploaded to DOE’s e-Link website.  A draft of the final technical report should be sent to the EERE Project team for review prior to uploading into e-Link.

    Invention Utilization Reports are submitted to iEdison.

    Final Financial Reports are uploaded to EERE PMC.

      For more information on these reports, refer to the copy of the Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist and Instructions: