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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) held two workshops on February 14–15, 2011, in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss the most relevant research and development (R&D) options for lowering costs and to identify R&D needs for compressed hydrogen and cryo-compressed/cryo-sorbent hydrogen storage systems.

The first workshop, on February 14, focused on identifying research strategies and pathways to develop lower cost compressed hydrogen storage systems. The second workshop, on February 15, focused on identifying the R&D needs for cryo-compressed and cryo-sorbent hydrogen storage systems, including identifying commonalities and differences in the two technologies. View the combined workshop proceedings as well as the agenda and presentations from each day through the links below.


Research and Development Strategies for Compressed and Cryo-Hydrogen Storage Systems: Workshop Summary Report



Day 1 – Compressed Hydrogen Storage Systems
Day 2 – Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage Systems