The Newberry Geothermal Energy team proposed to establish the FORGE site at Newberry Volcano.  The region surrounding the proposed site, along with its geothermal and EGS potential, was previously explored and researched by participating members of the Newberry Geothermal Energy team, and the understanding and data gathered with those efforts provide the scientific foundation for establishing a potential FORGE site. The team brought together the scientific research and management experience of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with the research, educational, and outreach experience of Oregon State University, and the industry and EGS experience of AltaRock Energy, Inc.


The Newbery Geothermal Energy team's proposed candidate site did not proceed to Phase 2. To learn more about their findings you can review the Newberry Geothermal Energy team's Phase 1 Report and data submissions on the Geothermal Data Repository.   


The proposed site sits on the young western flank of the Newberry Volcano in Central Oregon. This site is located on US Forest Service land with subsurface geothermal rights leased by an AltaRock subsidiary from the Bureau of Land Management. The project area is approximately 6 mi (10 km) from the closest community of Newberry Estates, 10 mi (16 km) from the closest town of La Pine, and 23 mi (37 km) south of Bend, Oregon. To determine the ideal FORGE site, the team is currently evaluating three different drilling-ready pads. Two of the candidate pads already have deep geothermal wells and shallow cold-water supply wells.  The third pad stores geothermal equipment from past which is ready for use on FORGE too.

Technical Information

In the project vicinity numerous wells have been drilled to characterize the resource, including eight deep exploratory wells, eight seismic monitoring boreholes and two coreholes. The Newberry Geothermal Energy team also possesses unique and valuable subsurface data collected during previous research efforts on Newberry volcano. Those previous research efforts also established a strong relationship between geothermal developers and the local community.  In addition to the wealth of data and strong community support at and around Newberry Volcano, the wells and boreholes and other existing infrastructure could be used to support FORGE activities in later phases.

Within the project area, measured data indicate temperatures from 350 to 440°F (175 to 225°C) between .87 to 1.2 mi (1.4 to 2 km). Data from injection tests reveal that the area’s injectivity is several orders of magnitude lower than the lowest permeabilities found in typical hydrothermal fields. The high heat and low permeability make this proposed site a prime candidate for EGS development.

Fun Facts
  • The proposed site includes a geothermal well involved in the successful Newberry Volcano EGS demonstration project, funded through Recovery Act funds by the Geothermal Technologies Office.  That demonstration project ended in the summer of 2015.
  • The proposed site is representative of volcanic features throughout the western US, including the Cascade volcanic range of Washington, Oregon and northern California, a region with the highest untapped geothermal potential in the country, making technology tested at Newberry widely applicable.

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