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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides agencies with tools, technical assistance, financial solutions, and resources to help them develop integrated strategic programs, replicable projects, and comprehensive solutions to successfully reduce energy and water use and ensure that they fulfill their missions.

FEMP's dynamic strategic programming allows us to react to agencies' current needs and adapt services and support to address to their changing directions and priorities.

FEMP wheelhouse graphic highlighting Strategic Programming and Integration Planning.
Icon for Legislative and Mandate Guidance.

FEMP assembles, analyzes, and shares information about federal energy- and water-management laws and requirements.

Icon for Strategic Integration Planning.

FEMP works with agencies to develop strategic plans that integrate a variety of methods to meet energy- and water-management legislation and mandates.

Graphic displaying continuous institutional change.

FEMP provides institutional change guidance and materials to help agencies shift their behavior in order to save energy and resources now and in the long term.

Key Resources

Tool allows agencies to look up energy management requirements by sustainability goal.
Five-step process establishes institutional change to achieve agencies' energy efficiency goals.
Fact sheet series outlines the benefits and impacts resulting from improvements to federal agency energy and water infrastructure in 46 states.
Summaries of federal agencies that have successfully implemented energy efficiency measures.

Recommended FEMP Training

This five-course on-demand training series provides detailed guidance on the six individual Guiding Principles.
2018 Energy Exchange recorded session offers tips on how to implement alternative water projects at federal facilities using FEMP tools.