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Managed by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), the Utility Program brings together federal agencies, utilities, and other federal energy management stakeholders to collaborate in an effort to cultivate lasting partnerships for improved energy and water management.

The Utility Program hosts two primary federal and utility stakeholder collaboration events: Federal Utility Partnership Working Group (FUPWG) Seminars and strategic partnership meetings.

Federal Utility Partnership Working Group

FUPWG was initiated by FEMP in 1994, after a provision in the Energy Policy Act of 1992 authorized agencies to participate in incentive programs with their serving utilities.

FUPWG’s main goal is to help establish and maintain partnerships and facilitate communication among and across federal agencies and their serving utilities to develop solutions that enhance the implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency and water conservation projects.

FUPWG objectives include:

  • Training: Share best practices to facilitate the implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy projects at federal sites
  • Collaboration: Stimulate and expand communication across federal agencies, utilities, and other energy industry participants about energy management at federal sites
  • Federal Goals: Identify how utilities can work with federal agencies to achieve mandated energy efficiency and renewable energy goals set forth by statute and executive order, and agency goals related to resilience and cybersecurity
  • Case Studies: Document successfully implemented projects and lessons learned.
  • New Technologies: Explore recent developments in energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy technologies
  • New Approaches: Communicate new approaches to achieving resilience or significant cost reduction
  • Industry Awareness: Brief agencies on utility industry issues that may impact agency projects or operations.

FUPWG Seminars

Have a session suggestion?

Submit topic, panel, and speaker suggestions for the spring seminar by January 15 and fall seminar by August 1.

Each year, FEMP holds two FUPWG Seminars—one in the spring and one in the fall—that are open to the public. FUPWG Seminar attendees include representatives from federal agencies, utilities, energy service companies, and other energy-related companies, with typical attendance in the range of 250 to 300.

FUPWG Seminars are co-hosted by one of FEMP’s utility partners. The utility host is responsible for securing the meeting facility and handling onsite logistics, while FEMP is responsible for developing the agenda and securing speakers.

The FUPWG agenda is developed with assistance from the FUPWG Fed Council, a group comprised of representatives from civilian and U.S. Department of Defense agencies.

Meeting materials—including the presentations, the final agenda, the attendee list, and a detailed meeting report—are posted on the after each seminar.

Strategic Partnership Meetings

The utility program coordinates with FEMP’s utility partners to conduct strategic partnership meetings to inform the utility’s federal and tribal customers about UESCs and the energy efficiency and renewable energy services offered by their serving utility. During these events, FEMP experts train attendees on the utility energy service contract process. Utility representatives also share information related to the energy management incentives and services available to federal customers.

For distribution utilities interested in scheduling a strategic partnership meeting for their customers, contact Tracy Niro.