Water Evaluation Tools

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To assist agencies in conducting comprehensive water evaluations required per Section 432 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), the Federal Energy Management Program developed a suite of water evaluation tools.

Handbook: Performing a Comprehensive Walk-Through Water Survey

This document provides general instructions on performing a walk-through water survey to collect the required data for a comprehensive water evaluation. It also includes the following printable forms, which provide a format to document key information during the walk-through survey portion of the water evaluation.

Water Evaluation Data Summary Workbook

This Excel-based workbook provides a method for collecting comprehensive water data during a building and campus walk-through survey. This tool helps energy and water managers obtain data about a suite of water end uses such as plumbing fixtures, irrigation, commercial kitchen equipment, and cooling towers. The tool can be used to store and organize data gathered during the walk-through survey.

The workbook provides a summary by both building and water end uses after all data are entered, which is useful to organize the data needed to perform the comprehensive water evaluation. The data collected is necessary to develop a site-wide water balance.

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Water Balance Tool

This software tool estimates water consumption across multiple water end-use categories. The tool produces a campus-wide water balance, which compares the total water supplied to the campus to the volume of water consumed by water-using equipment and applications. Ultimately, a water balance identifies the highest consuming end uses to help prioritize water-saving opportunities and estimates potential system losses.

The tool focuses on potable water consumption for major water-consuming equipment at the campus level. The following end uses are covered in the tool:

  • Plumbing (restroom, locker rooms and/or kitchenettes)
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Cooling Towers
  • Steam Boilers
  • Laundry  (washing machines)
  • Vehicle Wash
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Other Processes

A water balance is an important element in a comprehensive water evaluation, which is required by federal agencies per EISA Section 432. EISA directs agencies to conduct comprehensive energy and water evaluations annually for 25% of the agency’s covered facilities with the goal of having all covered square footage evaluated over a four-year period. Get more information on comprehensive water evaluations.