The Enhanced Geothermal Systems Pilot Demonstrations Program is designed to support pilot demonstration of enhanced geothermal systems for power production and direct use.


Bureau or Account:

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

New Program:


Funding amount:


Funding Mechanism:

Cooperative Agreement


Industry, National Labs, Institutes of Higher Education, Multi-institutional Collaborations Indian Tribes and Local Communities

Period of Availability:

Available until expended

More Information

Eligible Uses

Four to seven pilot demonstration projects to be carried out in locations that are potentially commercially viable for enhanced geothermal systems development, while also considering environmental impacts to the maximum extent practicable, as determined by the Secretary.​

Demonstration projects will collectively demonstrate different geologic settings, a variety of development techniques, and​ to the extent practicable will use existing sites where subsurface characterization or geothermal energy integration analysis has been conducted.

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