Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) offices should review and maintain their online content throughout the year. This technical maintenance and content maintenance. Websites that are no longer being maintained should be archived.

Required Website Maintenance Tasks

All EERE websites need to be reviewed periodically. Offices should ensure that they:

  1. Perform ongoing content maintenance.
    1. Quarterly: Technical Maintenance. Complete the tasks listed under "Technical Web Maintenance" each quarter.
    2. Annually: Content Analysis. Identify content that needs to be updated, and then add, remove, and edit content throughout the year.
  2. Complete website maintenance reports twice a year and submit them to the Web Governance Team.

Technical Web Maintenance

Technical maintenance is the process of ensuring your website functions properly.

Run Link Scans

Run link scans to identify broken and redirecting links. You can use tools such as EERE's SiteImprove account to identify broken links on your website.

Some content is date-specific, but would not be appropriate to update with new links and content over time. For example, old news stories may link to websites that have since been retired, but should not have their content or links updated. In this case, remove the broken links entirely.

Evaluate Your Redirects

Contact your AFS contact to get your office's list of redirects. Retire them when they are no longer needed. See the Domains, URLs, and Redirects page for more information.

Web Content Maintenance

Content maintenance is the process of reviewing and improving website content. EERE expects each office to do a content analysis of its website(s) every year, if possible.

Web Maintenance Planning and Reporting

In June and December, Web Coordinators will be asked to submit completed Web maintenance reports to the Web Governance Team Facilitator. These will explain the work you've done throughout the year and your future plans for each website. 

Website Archiving

Once your website has completed its intended purpose, you should archive it. Learn about archiving websites.