EERE uses Google Analytics to capture statistics on its websites and Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) to produce analytics reports. These statistics help website managers measure and report on users, sessions, most visited pages, and more. The Web Template Coordinator can provide you with EERE's username and password and answer questions about your site statistics.

Adding Google Analytics to EERE Websites

In order for Google Analytics to capture statistics on a site, Google Analytics code has to be included on all of your Web pages. This code is automatically added to all websites in the Drupal environment. If your website is outside of the standard hosting environment, contact the Web Template Coordinator for the Google Analytics code.

Creating and Removing Statistics Profiles

If your project requires its own unique Google Analytics profile, contact the Web Template Coordinator. EERE has a limited number of statistics profiles and routinely archives the profiles of retired websites.

Google Analytics 4 Definitions

EERE has compiled a guide of common Google Analytics terms and their definitions. While the guide contains many of the terms you’ll come across in EERE analytics reports, it is not exhaustive.