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The SEED Platform™ streamlines the administrative effort required by public agencies implementing building performance and transparency programs.

Project Website:
-- Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
-- National Renewable Energy Lab, Golden, CO
-- Institute for Market Transformation, Washington, DC
-- Devetry, Denver, CO
-- Earth Advantage, Portland, OR
-- Performance Systems Development Consulting, Ithaca, NY
-- Clearly Energy, Baltimore, MD
-- Open Canada
Performance Period: October 1, 2014 –
DOE budget: $4,749,000 to date, $909,000 in FY19
Funding Type: Commercial Buildings Integration (CBI) core funding
Related Projects: BEDES, BuildingSync, BRICR, Asset Score, OpenStudio, Energy Data Vault

Project Overview

City, county, and state governments are implementing policies and supporting voluntary programs that rely on collecting and managing building performance data (such as energy or water consumption efficiency) and using this data to inform public and private-sector decision-making strategies. Implementing these policies and programs requires tools and processes for collecting, curating, managing, analyzing, and publishing this data. State and local governments rarely have the financial and technical resources to develop and deploy these tools.

To address this challenge and save state and local governments from having to make duplicative, siloed investments, the U.S. Department of Energy developed the the Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform™. SEED is an open-source secure, enterprise data platform for managing portfolio scale building performance data from a variety of sources. SEED can import data from related tools such as ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, Green Button, and DOE’s Home Energy Score and Building Energy Asset Score tools. SEED helps automate the process of formatting, matching, cleaning, and validating data to identify errors. SEED allows multiple parties to work on the same dataset and keep track of edits and activities. SEED’s application programming interface (API) allows selected data to be shared directly with other software tools or public-facing dashboards.

More information is available in the SEED FAQ and on the SEED Technical site.

Project Impact

The SEED Platform eliminates many of the technical and workflow challenges associated with collecting and managing performance data for large building portfolios. It has the potential to significantly reduce the administrative effort required by public agencies or other organizations to implement building performance reporting and transparency programs.


DOE Project Manager: Harry Bergmann
Principal Investigator: Paul Mathew, LBNL, Robin Mitchell, LBNL, and Nicholas Long, NREL
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