Lead Performer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) – Richland, WA
Project Term: Ongoing Program
Funding Type: Direct Lab Funding
Program Webpage: Commercial Building Energy Asset Score Homepage


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Building Energy Asset Score (Asset Score) is a national standardized tool for assessing the physical and structural energy efficiency of commercial and multifamily residential buildings. The Asset Score generates a simple energy efficiency rating that enables comparison among buildings, and identifies opportunities to invest in energy efficiency upgrades. It is available for voluntary use and is 100% free to use.


This project supports additional DOE initiatives, such as the Better Building Challenge. A primary market barrier to implementing energy efficiency strategies is that building owners and investors lack a reliable source to understand building as-built efficiency and a low-cost means to identify opportunities for cost-effective improvements. The Asset Score reflects the energy efficiency of a building based solely on its design, construction, and energy systems. The Asset Score normalizes for operational and occupancy factors, enabling users to identify specific opportunities to invest in asset-related energy upgrades.


DOE Technology Manager: Sam Petty
Lead Performer: Nora Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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