Project website:
-- National Renewable Energy Lab, Golden, CO
-- Performance Systems Development Consulting, Ithaca, NY
-- San Francisco Environment, San Francisco, CA
-- Simuwatt, Denver, CO
Performance Period: October 1, 2015 –
Budget: $450,000 in FY23
Funding Type: Commercial Buildings Integration (CBI) core funding
Related Projects: BEDES, SEED, Asset Score, BRICR, OpenStudio

Project Overview

Building energy auditing—a periodic assessment of a building's energy assets and their operation—is a key step in maintaining and improving the energy efficiency of an existing building. Several cities, including New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, now require regular energy audits of all commercial buildings that meet a certain square footage threshold.

Although there are auditing standards established by ASHRAE, audit information itself has historically not been standardized reducing the utility and value of audit data and failing to leverage economies associated with periodically repeated audits.

BuildingSync is a BEDES-compliant XML schema for building energy audit data. BuildingSync supports ASHRAE Level I, II and III audits and includes all of the information required to generate a building Asset Score. BuildingSync can represent both "snapshot" building information as well as energy efficiency measures (EEMs) that have been applied to the building.

The BuildingSync project website includes the schema itself, list of supported EEMs, as well as a verification tool that allows users to define "model views" (subsets) of the schema for specific use cases and then test specific instances against model views.


DOE Contacts: Sydney Applegate, Sam Petty
Principal Investigator: Lauren Adams, NREL

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